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KUGLER has specialized in sludge dewatering and the separation of solids from liquids since 1982. Our patents and more than 1.000 functioning systems in Europe are proof of our expertise and experience: We offer effective, affordable, sustainable and customized solutions for a wide range of drainage needs in industry, waste disposal and sewage treatment plants.

Many companies from industry, trade and municipalities have been loyal customers for decades. Continuous customer support and loyalty, innovation, competence, reliability and trust are our guidelines.

Our core products:

Dewatering container – e.g. for sewer cleaning material and

Screw presses (throughputs up to 100m³/h).

In addition, we offer mechanical thickeners, lamella separators as well as mobile systems and services for sludge dewatering.

Patent von 1994 - Spezialist für Konzepte für die Fest-Flüssig-Trennung
KUGLER Patent für die Abwasseraufbereitung - Experte für Fest-Flüssig-Trennung

Company History

The company Kugler was founded by mechanical engineer Karl Kugler in 1964.After the contract manufacturing for his former employer, Karl Kugler specialized on the production of fuel oil tanks.

In the late sixties, the product range was expanded to containers. Soon the container construction became crucial and a production hall had been erected. The first dewatering container EWC was developed, built and registered as the first KUGLER patent in 1982 by Klaus Bizer – at that time an employee of Kugler.

Various advancements and patent registrations in the field of waste water treatment and sludge dewatering led to today’s product portfolio. In 1992, Klaus Bizer took over the company and further developed it into a specialist for solid-liquid separation and sludge dewatering. In 2013, Hartmut Schultz-Heienbrok integrated KUGLER into the Prosys Industrial Solutions Group. He has extensive experience in the wastewater industry and has specifically expanded the company’s portfolio to provide efficient and sustainable solutions for mechanical dewatering sludge: screw presses and thickeners. Under his leadership, KUGLER has also opened new markets in Europe, Russia and America.


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