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KUGLER® products are long-lasting and able to dewater:

• At low operational costs
• Simple & effective
• In a sustainable way

We recommend for Dewatering Containers and/or EWC-Lamella Thickeners/Compact units Screw Presses Lamella Separators
Sewer flushing
As fine screens on municipal water treatment plants
Waste from grit chambers
Intake of faeces
Biological sludge / Sewage sludge (primary, surplus, mixed or digested sludge) (separation of sludge from the wastewater stream)
Oil/Fat Sludges
Fat sludge (without flotation system)
Fruit and vegetables washing process
Effluents from the food-processing industry
Effluents from landfill leachate treatment
Precipitated sludge (phys./chem.)
Effluents from recycling processes
Mineral sludges (processing of natural stone, Metal/Grinding/Cutting residues)
Effluents from washing exhaust air systems
Effluents from washing cars/trucks
Drilling mud
Concrete recycling sludges
Groundwater treatment / water used in constructions
Drinking water treatment
Lagoons cleaning


KUGLER® products are used in numerous industries.


For example:

• Automotive industry
• construction companies
• Mining industry
• Concrete industry
• Breweries and malt houses
• Chemical industry
• Waste disposal industry – vacuum trucks
• Vehicle washing plants
• Paint and varnish industry
• Tanneries
• Beverage industry
• Glass processing
• IT industry
• Sewer service provider
• Potato and vegetable processing
• Gravel filters – wet scrubbers
• Sewage treatment plants and waterworks
• Plastics industry
• Wage dehydrators
• Metal industry
• Natural/artificial stone processing
• Paper industry
• Recycling industry/disposal companies
• Industrial cleaning companies
• Forwarding agencies – silo vehicles
• Steel industry
• Road and separator cleaning
• Textile industry
• Packaging industry

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