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The Screw Press KUGLER® series Screen-Press (S-SK series) is the most convenient entry-level model of our screw presses. It is equipped with a robust strainer basket, through which sludge is effectively dewatered both from sewage treatment plants and from industry. Wear, energy and personnel costs are considerably lower than with centrifuges, sieve belt or chamber filter presses with comparable drainage results.

Our Screw Presses Series Screen-Press (S-SK series):

• Dewater from 0.2% TS (no pre-thickening necessary)
• Work 24 hours without supervision
• Consume very little power due to slow rotation
• Work with very little wear
• Are quiet and low in vibration

Optionally, we also offer our customers:

• Complete packages with flocculants
• Customer service (including maintenance, spare parts, warranty, training)
• Mobile container solutions (no space requirement in buildings, no building application)
• Attractive rental models (pay off even if you keep your centrifuge)

Type Flow rate (according to TS inlet) Dimensions Weight Water consumption Power consumption
Label 0,2% 1,0% 3,0% 5,0% L x B x H (m)
S-SK 20 3,0 m³/h 0,9 m³/h 1,2 m³/h 0,6 m³/h 2,70 x 0,60 x 1,20 290 kg 360 l/h 0,46 kW
6,0 kg TS/h 9,0 kg TS/h 36 kg TS/h 30 kg TS/h
S-SK 40 6,6 m³/h 2,0 m³/h 2,6 m³/h 1,3 m³/h 3,00 x 0,82 x 1,44 410 kg 576 l/h 0,64 kW
13 kg TS/h 20 kg TS/h 79 kg TS/h 66 kg TS/h
S-SK 70 16 m³/h 4,9 m³/h 6,5 m³/h 3,2 m³/h 3,70 x 1,08 x 1,76 590 kg 720 l/h 0,84 kW
32 kg TS/h 49 kg TS/h 195 kg TS/h 160 kg TS/h
S-SK 90 23 m³/h 6,9 m³/h 9,2 m³/h 4,6 m³/h 4,50 x 1,33 x 2,06 850 kg 792 l/h 1,19 kW
46 kg TS/h 69 kg TS/h 275 kg TS/h 230 kg TS/h
S-SK 120 29 m³/h 8,7 m³/h 11,6 m³/h 5,8 m³/h 5,50 x 1,60 x 2,40 1230 kg 900 l/h 1,59 kW
58 kg TS/h 87 kg TS/h 350 kg TS/h 290 kg TS/h

Screw press KUGLER® S-SK 40 in Cancún, Mexico

Screw press KUGLER®S-SK 90

• Drainage of sludge from tanneries
• Drainage of sludges from municipal sewage treatment plants

Sludge Type: Surplus Activated Sludge (biological)
TS-Inlet: 0,5-1,0 %
TS-Outlet: 18-22 %
Volume Reduction: about 95-97 %

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