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KUGLER® Ring-Press S-RS

For dewatering of mainly organic sludges such as excess sludge, digested sludge or flotate, we offer screw presses with self-cleaning mechanism.

Kugler Ring-Press

Long-time proven self-cleaning mechanism

Unlike conventional screw presses with screen drums, the filter system consists of movable annular discs that continuously clean themselves through the dewatering process. This means that less rinsing water, energy and wear parts (no brushes or sealing lips) are required – the system is simpler and more robust.

Another special feature of the Ring-Press is the integration of several parallel cylinder units, allowing redundant operation.

Kugler Ring-Press

For thin sludge with 0.2 – 1.0 % DS, we offer an optional integrated thickening module in the flocculation tank. The sludge is thickened before the actual dewatering, the dewatering process is improved and the capacity is increased.

An additional option to improve operation is the integrated filtrate recirculation of the more heavily loaded filtrate from the press zone. This can improve the filtrate quality and thus significantly increase the separation efficiency (to >99%).

Take a look at our brochure “KUGLER® Ring-Press” here.

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Your advantages:

✓ Continuous and fully automatic sludge dewatering process
✓ Very low power and water consumption and wear
✓ Redundant operation due to parallel press cylinders
✓ No rubber sealing lip, moving flushing system and compressed air required
✓ Very high separation efficiency (>99%) due to integrated sludge recirculation system
✓ Safe and low-maintenance technology

Complete tailor-made solutions

We also offer our plants as complete containerized solutions. As a container and plant manufacturer with many years of experience, we are able to supply concepts tailored to your individual needs.

Kugler Ring-Press

You will find further information in our product brochure.

We offer:

✓ complete systems as mobile solutions or container installation
✓ Complete piloting package with professional monitoring and evaluation
✓ Rental systems for testing or as a temporary solution

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