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Screw presses for sludge dewatering

The sludge dewatering reduces the amount of sludge by separating water content. The result is a mud cake and filtrate or press water. For many years we have been working with a wide variety of technologies for this purpose: chamber filter presses, belt presses, centrifuges. For several years we have relied entirely on high-quality screw presses for mechanical drainage, for example for flotation and sewage sludge, because they are effective, low cost and ecological.


Screw presses are ideal for drainage of

  • Sewage sludge (surplus, mixed and digested sludges),
  • Flotation sludges and
  • Many others industrial sludges / wastewater

The classic screen basket technology (Series Screen-Press S-SK) is effective, durable and affordable.

Screw presses multi-disk technology (Series Ring-Press S-RS) have also been tried and tested many times worldwide but are still less known in Germany. They save energy, space and working time and are extremely low maintenance. In addition, they are very robust – even with greasy sludge.

We also offer combined screw presses with FlocFormer®, therefore the drainage result increases by up to 2-3% DM

The screw presses from KUGLER are self-cleaning, drain TS contents of 0.2% (without pre-thickening) – with max. 8 kW connected load. Compared with centrifuges, they are much more wear-resistant. The larger models allow easily flow rates of 20 m³ / h digested sludge (about 5% TS) or 100 m³ / h thin sludge (0.2% TS).

Application areas

Screw presses are now also a good alternative for larger sewage treatment plants instead of centrifuges (from 100,000 PE).

For wastewater treatment plants that currently use centrifuges, it is often worth buying or renting a screw press even if the centrifuge has not amortised yet (hardly any wear, 90% less energy required).

For sewage treatment plants without their own sludge dewatering, investing in their own sludge dewatering pays off quickly with our smaller machines. Our container solutions enable the installation of a Plug & Play solution even if space is missing in the operating buildings.

Contract dewatering machines can offer their customers the usual good service with KUGLER’s mobile screw presses – thereby saving on operating costs compared with the use of centrifuges or chamber filter presses.

With the appropriate model of our screw presses, we offer companies a cost-effective and stable solution for many wastewater streams, such as flotation sludges, biological wastewater treatment, oil and grease sludge, sludge from disposal and recycling processes, landfill leachate treatment.


Simple dewatering process with the screw press:

Prior to entry in the cylinder unit (the core of the screw press), the solids contained in the sludge are compacted into highly cross-linked flakes. Normally, we find the optimum flocculation aid for this during a pilot of just a few days. During the piloting, the other parameters decisive for the effectiveness of the machine with the respective sludge can already be set quite well (for example the rotational speed and the opening of the pressing plate).

KUGLER ring-press series

Piloting also shows if post filtration would be economical and which are the best practices for this. In the months following commissioning, the operation of the screw press will be further optimized.

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