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The requisite for a good dewatering result for almost all types of sludges
is an optimal conditioning using polymers and other coagulants.
Since every sludge has its own characteristics and every dewatering technology
has different flocculation requirements, the most adequate product available
should be carefully selected – universal products do not exist!

Thanks to many years of experience and cooperation with our competent partners,
KUGLER offers a large variety of products for precipitation and flocculation.

We would be happy to carry out systematic laboratory tests at your facility,
or you can send us a sample of your sludge.

We offer

• Competent advice from highly qualified employees
• Free laboratory tests for an optimal flocculant selection
• Implementation and supervision of pilot trials

Our offer includes a variety of products of different range, concentration,
molarity, cross-linking etc. as powder, water or oil-based liquid concentrates
and ready to use solutions.

We are happy to investigate which product best suits your sludge and the
corresponding dewatering technology, even for difficult applications.

Flocculated Sludge from rendering processes; stable and highly cross-linked flakes,
ideal for dewatering with a screw press.

• Sludge from plastic recycling

Sludge type: Flotate Sludge
Polymer: Kugler® P-D 20-9
Polymer consumption: 5,6 g/kg TS
TS-Inlet: 5,0 %
TS-Out: 33 %
Volume reduction: about 85 %

The Kugler® product P-D 20-9 is a distilled, cationic and linear polymer with 20% charge in liquid form (emulsion).


• Sludge mixture from a rendering plant

Sludge type: Surplus Activated Sludge + Flotate Sludge (ca. 3:1)
Polymer consumption: Kugler P-K 50-14
TS-Inlet: 2,5 %
TS-Out: 44 %
Volume reduction: about 93,7 %

The Kugler® product P-K 50-14 is a cationic and highly cross-linked polymer with 50% charge

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