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Microfiltration with interchangeable pores, MAP

Microfiltration with MAP technology works in an alternation of filtration and backwashing.

The medium to be filtered is pumped into the module and filtered according to the pore size. The solids are initially retained in the module and then removed by backwashing. The filtration modules are periodically flushed with water and compressed air: chemical cleaning is not necessary.

The filter material has a service life of approx. 3 years (heavily polluted waste water) to 7 years (e.g. well water) . Replacing the filter material takes a few minutes per module. A great advantage of this technology is the ability to treat wastewater with very high solids concentrations. The throughput is virtually arbitrary, since the system is modular. The flux of each module depends on the pore size of the filter material and the solids concentration of the medium.

MAP microfiltration has decisive advantages over conventional membrane technology, because the MAP is always adapted to the specific solids problem. The pore sizes of the filter material are selected according to the grain sizes of the solids in the medium to be filtered. This optimizes the investment and operating costs.

The MAP technology has countless possible uses. It is particularly interesting where classic self-cleaning filters have their limits (below 25 µm) or where no polymers should or cannot be used. So our customers have an interesting alternative to using a lamella separator plus polymer.

• MAP is an ideal pre-filtration prior to reverse osmosis.
• MAP is also often used for the filtration of cooling water or industrial waste water.
• MAP also separates the smallest suspended matter such as kaolin or bentonite without the need to use polymers.
• The MAP technology is ideal for the direct filtration of surface water for drinking water extraction and for the post-filtration of treated wastewater.
• The MAP technology is not susceptible to blocking and fouling, the operating costs are therefore comparatively low.

pore size Flux Application area
25 µm 3.5 m³ / h Green algae in lakes and fish farming, cooling water recycling
5 µm 2.5 m³ / h Replacement for cartridges and sand filters, removal of suspended matter in wastewater, reduction of organic matter in wastewater treatment plants, pre-clarification before membrane filters
1 µm 1.5 m³ / h Replacement for sand filters, cleaning of swimming pools, preliminary clarification before membrane filters, as well as activated carbon filters, ozone and UV clarification
0.5 µm 0.65 m³ / h pre-clarification before membrane filters, cleaning and reprocessing of industrial wastewater, direct wastewater and gray water purification
0.2 µm 0.35 m³ / h Drinking water treatment

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