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You can choose our dewatering containers and EWC-Lamella as well as our machines for sludge dewatering, such as screw presses and thickeners for renting, in order to:

  • Cover short-term and seasonal needs,
  • Define the appropriate model/size of dewatering machine/container before an investment decision is made (rental price will be considered at the time of purchase) or
  • Get an immediate solution even without budget investment approval.

For many applications KUGLER offers solid-liquid-separation systems and sludge dewatering also as a service.

Your advantages:

  • You have complete reliable planning
  • You can dewater your “fresh” sludge continuously
  • the investment will be amortized quickly by saving costs related to the contraction of dewatering service companies
  • In the case of seasonal needs, contracting our services is often more economic than an investment

Find out more about our customer service packages, complete solutions (machines, operating costs including flocculent dosing) as well as further services.

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