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Die KUGLER®The mobile KUGLER® Ring-Press dewater up to 18m³ of sludge/h – reaching comparable dewatering results as decanter centrifuges.

Advantage: up to 90% less power consumption (no extra generator required), low maintenance.

Dewatering service companies appreciate:

• KUGLER® dewatering containers
• Our screw presses Ring-Press series for economic cleaning and dewatering of surplus, digested and mixed sludges.
• KUGLER® thickeners for sludge dewatering before the digestor, as well as, dewater sludges from digesters, grease traps and industrial processes.
• Our mobile systems and container solutions are especially useful for service providers.

You can install our screw press and thickener by yourself or obtain the complete mobile system from us.

Photo 1: EWC standard on a sewage treatment plant
Photo 2: Mud cake from a screw press S-RS 2-20 on a municipal sewage treatment plant

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