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Even for smaller wastewater treatment plants (up to 10,000 inhabitant-equivalents) it is worth to dewater the sludge by themselves with a screw press. Additional advantage: You have no longer undesirable nitrogen accumulation!

For many sewage treatment plants with 10 to 50,000 inhabitant-equivalents, the dewatering unit have to be replaced in the next years. We are happy to prepare a comparative profitability calculation (including investment, maintenance, energy, polymer and disposal costs).

For wastewater treatment plants with 50,000 inhabitants-equivalents or more, we offer screw presses with throughputs up to 100 m³/h at 0.2% TS or 20 m³/h at 5% TS (6.7 kW). Our customers appreciate the good dewatering results and low operating costs.

For municipal wastewater treatment plants we recommend:

• Our dewatering containers (EWC) for an easy disposal of the screenings as well as sand traps waste dewatering
• The KUGLER® thickener for a cost-effective thickening of large amounts of sludge before digestors.
• For a clean dewatering of surplus, digested and mixed sludge our screw presses Ring-Press series. We are happy to show you how much time and operational costs you can save with this technology by piloting one of our units in your plant. We also offer screw presses for rent, mobile systems and container solutions.
• Upon request, you will receive an extended customer service package as well as proposals, including polymers (complete solutions).



For example: The KUGLER® screw press S-RS 2-20 series (0,66kW, Throughput 8m³/h with TS-contents of 0,2 % or 1,6 m³/h at 5%TS).

Standard dewatering container on a wastewater treatment plant

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