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Sand & Grease Containers (Regufil / Regufett / Regugrit)

For the sludge remaining from sand or grease traps, our smallest filter containers are the ideal choice. These 1100 Litre containers according to DIN 30 700 are suitable for the simple emptying of the dewatered sand with garbage trucks and for the suction of the grease with suction container vehicles.

Regufil-Container according to DIN 30700 – for dewatering of grit and screenings.
Equipped with an internal removable filter basket for dewatering of solids.


Regufett-Container according to DIN 30 700 – for separating grease and fat from wastewater.
Combined Regufett + Regufil container for fat and grease separation from wastewater with integrated filter basket to drain the retained solids.

Regugrit-Container according to DIN 30700 – for dewatering of solids.
Dewatering by dual filter bottom.

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