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Aerated Dewatering Container (Aircon)

Ideal for sand trap and sewage system – sludge. By injecting compressed air from below adhering organic components are washed out and returned with the overflow water in the sewage cycle. Washed out are also light substances such as fats, oils or plastics. Leaner, odourless and dewatered solid remains in the container. The ventilation from below creates drainage channels for the water in the mud. These allow even greater volume reduction. This minimizes landfill and transport costs.

Dry sand with aircon – the aerated grit chamber container.
Ventilated filter container for sludge with low drainability or high organic content.

Aeration from the bottom creates new drainage channels that accelerate and improve the drainage and drying of the sludge.
The built-in washer allows the flushing of organic parts and lead to even drier residues.

Advantages of the Kugler Aircon:

  • Optimized flushing of organic matter.
  • Extremely rapid drainage by forced ventilation from below.
  • Relief of the sewage treatment cycle due to excellent sand separation – thereby significantly reduced wear on pumps, valves and piping.
  • Extremely strong reduction of the organic components in the container.
  • Low landfill costs – because the container content is no longer classified as sludge but as household-type commercial waste.
  • No odour caused by organic residues in the sand.
  • Savings in labour costs and efforts – no subsequent treatment of the sand trap residues necessary, such as pumping out surface water or thickening with other solids, etc.

Aircon-EWC with lid

Galvanized Aircon container in detail for flushing and compressed air supply

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