Roll-Off Dewatering Container

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Roll-Off Dewatering Container

Drainage container suitable for rope or hook mount. Available for container contents of 5-25 m3. Medium filter partition for even better drainage. Available with and without lid.

For rope or hook operation. Range of size: 8-40 m3

We also offer our well proven dewatering container for different types of roll-off dumpsters for rope or hook operation according DIN 30 720 und DIN 30 722. Length, height and capacity of the container can be freely chosen. Different designs ensure optimum dewatered and thickened sludge especially for your needs.

1. Standard version

The outer container is manufactured in standard double-enforced version, especially designed for transport dewatering and depositing of sludge. Outlet valves at the bottom and the front wall ensure a continuous draining of filtrate water. A tight-closing swing flap on the back of our container avoids leakage during dewatering and ensures fast emptying of the dewatered sludge at the disposal site.

 Dewatering container with closed swing flap

2. Roll-Off dewatering container with lid

Our Dewatering Container is also available with a solid cover construction.

Hinged lid on one longitudinal side and to be opened with a winch or hydraulic device. The cover construction is rainproof and on request available with a bannister seal.

 Container with open lid

3. Roll-Off dewatering container with additional central filter wall

The additional central filter wall increases the filter surface by up to 40%. As result, the sludge dewaters even better, and filter paths are much shorter.

 Container with central filter wall

4. Roll-Off dewatering container with internal overflow

The internal overflow avoids flooding of the dewatering container in case of larger wastewater flows. This option is very often used for dewatering of sand trap contents at sewage treatment plants. Type and diameter of the hose connections for the overflow can be chosen freely.

 Roll-off container with lamella pack and internal overflow

5. Heated container

In order to ensure drainage even at low temperatures, the installation of a heater is possible. The heating is done by electric heating elements. Everything is ready to plug in, you only need a three-phase energy supply.

 Heated container with socket on the front

6. Vibrating Unit

Sludge is brought to swinging by a high frequency vibration unit which leads to even better dewatering results. Comes ready to connect with On/Off switch and socket.

 Container equipped with a high frequency vibrating unit

7. Drainage containers as custom-made products

Specially built for your requirements, we provide exactly the drainage container you need. Our decade-long experience is your benefit.

Roll-Off dewatering container with internal overflow weirs and mud tanks

Filter made of galvanized perforated metal plates

Cleaning possibilities from the top with rubber cover

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