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KUGLER® Dehydration Containers

KUGLER® “EWC” (abbreviation for Entwässerungscontainer) dewatering containers have been dewatering all types of sludge effectively and economically since 1982. Quality, material and screen size are specially adapted to your requirements. Containers up to 40 m³ are available. The dewatered sludge is compact and meets the requirements for final disposal.

Harvesting, storing, dehydrating and transporting – all with a single device.

Our portfolio includes:

vielseitig einsetzbarer Entwässerungscontainer als Absetzcontainer

Chain containers

These multi-purpose containers are suitable for all types of sludge. They combine several functions in a single unit: depositing, filtering, dewatering, storing and transporting.

Entwässerungscontainer passend für Seil- oder Hakenaufnahme

Hook-on containers

These sludge treatment containers, available in capacities from 8-40 m3, are suitable for tipping trailer and hydraulic arm/hook trailer. They can be supplied with an intermediate filter wall for even better sludge dewatering. They are also available with or without cover.

Rüttel-Entwässerungscontainer (EWC)

Containers with vibration device

The built-in high-frequency vibration device ensures even better sludge dewatering. The equipment vibrates the sludge as required and thus achieves better dewatering and compaction. This process provides optimal results, even with sludge of complex consistency. The high frequency vibration device is ready to be switched on with the ON/OFF switch and plug.

Entwässerungscontainer mit Kippmechanismus

Tipping containers

Tipping containers are the optimal solution for internal transport and unloading by forklift. The unloading mechanism can be unlocked from the forklift. Available in sizes from 0.3 to 5 m3, with lid and wheels.

Entwässerungscontainer als Regufil, Regufett oder Regugrit

Grit/grease container (REGUFIL / REGUFETT / REGUGRIT)

When it comes to dewatering sand classifier and grease trap residues, our smaller dewatering containers are the optimal solution. These 1100 litre containers designed according to the German DIN 30 700 standard dewater sands and greases as well as separate sands and greases from small quantities of wastewater.

EWC ideal für Sandfang und Kanalspülgut

Aerated containers (AIRCON)

Aircon/Sandy sludge containers are the ideal solution for dewatering sludge from grit chambers and sewage sludge. By injecting compressed air from the bottom, the organic particles are separated and fed back into the treatment circuit together with the overflowing water. Light matter such as fats, oils, grease or plastics can also be separated. Solid, odourless and dehydrated matter remains in the container. The injection of compressed air from the bottom creates drainage channels in the sludge, thus allowing further volume reduction. Transport and disposal costs are reduced to a minimum.

Container Verfahrwagen

Transport trolleys for containers

For moving containers, with rubber wheels or for rail transport.

• Affordable solution
• Long service life
• Incident-free sludge dewatering
• Solid sludge in a very short time
• Reduced transport and disposal costs for effluent and residues
• Easy cleaning due to removable basket strainer
• Floor, side walls and back wall as filter surfaces

Collecting, storing, dewatering and transporting – all with a single device.

The removable filter basket is the heart of the EWC. It consists of a tubular steel frame and perforated sheet metal walls covered with a special high-strength filter cloth.

Valves at the bottom allow the filtered water to be continuously evacuated, leaving a solid sludge inside the container which can be disposed of economically at the prescribed disposal sites. Due to the reduced volume, up to 70% of the disposal costs are saved.

Sludge that is difficult to dewater or easily compacted can be dewatered better by placing additional filter walls in the inner filter basket.

  • Standard version

    The standard equipment consists of a standardised container that can be transported and evacuated with all vehicles commonly used in the sector. Inside the container, the container has a removable filter basket for cleaning. The filter basket consists of a tubular steel frame and perforated sheet metal walls forming a highly resistant filter fabric. Valves at the bottom of the filter basket eject the filtered water, thus leaving the dried sludge in the container for later disposal in a more economical way. Due to the volume reduction, up to 70% of the disposal costs can be saved.

    Picture 3: Chain container, standard version
    Picture 4: Standard EWC in a sewage treatment plant
    Picture 5: Standard EWC for the contents of suction vehicles

  • Chain containers with lids

    EWC dewatering containers can be supplied with removable lids.

    The lid construction is bolted to the container and can be removed if necessary. Both lids are spring loaded and open automatically after unlocking. The cover construction is rainproof and on request is available with a peripheral seal. In the centre is a hose connection piece in the desired nominal size for filling the container.

    If desired, the cover can also be made with a tarpaulin.

    Picture 1: Chain container with lid
    Picture 2: Chain container with lid
    Picture 3: Chain container with tarpaulin

  • Filter basket with additional filter wall

    With the additional filter wall, the filter surface is increased by > 30 %, enabling better sludge drying. In addition, the filtration distance is reduced and the disposal costs are even lower.

    Picture 2: Chain container with additional filter wall
    Picture 3: Chain container with additional filter wall

  • Heated chain containers

    In order to guarantee year-round operation, even outdoors and without the risk of freezing, our containers can be supplied with an electric thermostatic heating module.

    Picture 1: Heated chain container
    Picture 2: Heated chain heater

  • Chain containers with internal overflow

    The internal overflow prevents overflows in the container in case of large volumes of wastewater. This application is often used for the dewatering of sludge from grit chambers in water treatment plants.

    The type and diameter of the inner overflow connection flanges can be selected according to the requirements.

    Picture 2: Chain container with internal overflow
    Picture 3: Chain container with internal overflow

  • Special designs

    We build and supply you with exactly the container you need. Take advantage of our decades of experience in the field of special container manufacturing. We have a convincing solution for your requirements.

    Picture 1: With side effluent connection flanges
    Picture 2: Dewatering box for forklift trucks
    Picture 3: With flushing flanges led to the upper side
    Picture 4: Dewatering by means of submerged walls
    Picture 5: Filter medium made of galvanised perforated sheet metal

Picture 1: Standard EWC container for suction vehicles
Picture 2: EWC standard container in a sewage treatment plant
ex Picture 3: Manufacturing process, e.g. 5 m³ low implementation dispenser (individual filling by suction trolley)

KUGLER® dewatering containers are used in numerous industries.

For example:
• Mining
• Concrete industry
• Chemical industry
• Waste collection and treatment industry
• Carwashes
• Paint industry
• Beverage industry
• Glass processing
• Food industry
• Textile industry

• Filters and gravel washing
• Water treatment plants and sewage treatment plants
• Metalworking industry
• Natural and precious stone processing
• Paper industry
• Transport companies and tankers
• Steel industry
• Street cleaning

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