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KUGLER® drainage containers “EWC” (abbreviation for the German expression Entwässerungscontainer) drain all types of sludge effectively and at low cost – since 1982. Filter quality and filter material and mesh size are specially adapted to your needs. Containers of up to 40 m³ are available. The dewatered sludge is compact and meets the requirements for landfill disposal.

Collect, store, drain and transport – all with one device.


Our portfolio includes:

Skip Containers for Sludge Dewatering

Our versatile Sludge Dewatering Containers are suitable for all kind of sludge. Collection, filtration, dewatering, storage and transport – all in one container!

Vibrating Unit Dewatering Container

Provided with a vibrating unit for better sludge dewatering. Sludge is brought to swinging by the high frequency vibration unit and is dewatered and compacted. Even difficult sludge qualities are treated with optimum results. The high frequency vibration device is ready to connect, with ON/OFF switch and outlet

Roll-Off Dewatering Container

Dewatering container for different types of roll-off dumpsters (hooks, rails, etc.). Available in sizes ranging from 5 to 40 m³ with or without lid. Also available with an additional central filter wall for even better sludge dewatering.

Aerated Dewatering Container (Aircon)

Perfect solution as grit chamber and for sewage material. By injecting compressed air from the bottom, organic components are separated and returned to the wastewater flow in your treatment plant. Light elements such as fat, oil or plastic are washed off as well. Scattered, odourless and dewatered solids remain in the container. The ventilation from below creates dewatering channels in the sludge, reducing volume at even greater scale. This ensures minimal landfill and transportation costs.

Self-dumping Dewatering Container

Our self-dumping hoppers are the perfect solution for in-house transport and evacuation by a forklift. The dumping mechanism can be unlocked from the forklift. Available in sizes from 0.3 to 5 m3, with or without lids and reels.

Desander & degreaser container

Our smallest filter-containers are the best solution for smaller quantities of sewage water containing sand and fat. These 1100 litre containers according to standard DIN 20700 are suitable for evacuation of the dewatered sand with garbage collection trucks or the separated fat with sewage suction vehicles.

Container Carriages

Carriages to transport our containers, either equipped with solid rubber wheels or rail-bound vehicles.


•  low investment
•  long life cycle
•  sludge dewatering without any problems
•  leads quickly to solid sludge
•  reduces disposal costs
•  removable filter basket for easy cleaning
•  huger filtering surface: bottom, side walls and back wall

Collect, store, drain and transport – all with one device.

The removable filter basket is the heart of the EWC. It is made of a tubular steel frame, perforated metal plates and a special, highly resistant filter cloth.

Valves at the bottom allow continuous draining of filtered water. Remaining solidified sludge in the container can be disposed of economically. Thanks to the obtained volume reduction up to 70% of costs can be saved.

For sludge that poorly drains or tends to compaction, our containers are available with additional filter wall in the centre of the filter basket. And for almost every other problem we have a solution as well.


  • Standard version

    It consists of an external standard container that can be transported and emptied with all common vehicles. In the interior, the EWC is equipped with a removable filter basket. The filter basket consists of a tubular steel frame with special perforated plates mounted thereon, and a high-strength filter cloth. Valves at the bottom allow continuous draining of the filtered water. Inside remains a dry sludge to be disposed off economically. Thanks to the volume reduction, up to 70% of cost can be saved.

  • Skip container with lid

    Our Dewatering Container EWC is also available with a removable cover construction.

    The lid construction is bolted to the container and can be removed if necessary. The two lids are spring loaded and open automatically after unlocking. The cover construction is rainproof and on request available with a bannister seal. At the centre there is a hose connection piece in the desired nominal size for filling the container.

    If desired, we also can supply a canvas covering.

    ewc_2_3 ewc_2_2 ewc_2_1

  • Filter basket with additional central filter wall

    The additional central filter wall increases the filter surface by > 30%. As result, the sludge dewaters even better, and filter paths are much shorter. Disposal costs can be saved.

    ewc_3_3 ewc_3_2

    Container with central filter wall

  • Heated skip dewatering container

    All our containers can be equipped with a temperature-controlled electrical heating element to ensure all-seasons outside operation. No risk of frost.

    ewc_4_2 ewc_4_1

    Heated skip container

  • Skip container with internal overflow

    The internal overflow avoids flooding of the dewatering container in case of larger wastewater flows.
    This option is very often used for dewatering of sand trap contents at sewage treatment plants.

    Type and diameter of the hose connections for the overflow can be chosen freely.



    ewc5_2 ewc5_3

    Skip container with internal overflow

  • Special designs

    Specially built for your requirements, we provide exactly the dewatering container you need. Benefit from our experience in the construction of special vessels obtained during many decades. We have a compelling solution for you.


    Container with lateral wastewater inlet pipe


    Dewatering box with lower forklift pockets


    with upward-guiding flushing pipe


    Drainage with scum buffle and gate valve


    Filter made of galvanized metal plates

  • Individual solutions for your needs

    • Varnished steel, painted in RAL colours
    • Galvanized steel
    • High-grade steel

    Filter cloth

    • Synthetic material or stainless steel
    • Adapted mesh size

    Optional: Central filter wall

    • Increase of filter surface by 34%
    • Shorter filter paths

    Optional: Cover

    • Removable lid construction
    • Sliding cover
    • Canvas cover
    • Canvas cover with tensioning rope

    Optional: Heated containers

    • Frost protection up to -25°C
    • Power rating 3-9 kWh


EWC standard for suction vehicle



EWC standard on a sewage treatment plant (screenings drainage)



Manufacturing process, e.g. 5m³ dispenser, low implementation (single-level filling by suction carriage):

ewc-h h2 h3 h5 h4

KUGLER® dewatering containers are used in numerous industries.

For example:
• Mining industry
• Concrete industry
• Chemical industry
• Disposal management
• Car wash
• Paint and varnish industry
• Beverage industry
• Glass processing
• Food processing
• Gravel filter – wet scrubbers
• Water and wastewater treatment
• Metal and steel industry
• Stone processing
• Paper industry
• Transport companies – silo trucks
• Street cleaning
• Textile industry
• Breweries and maltings



EWC-Standard auf einer Kläranlage



EWC-Standard für Saugwageninhalte

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