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The KUGLER® EWC-Lamella, the compact wastewater treatment plant

The EWC-Lamella is a fully assembled compact water clarification and sludge dewatering system and can (depending on the size up to 40 m³) be used for wastewater seeps up to 300 l / min as the core of an operating water cycle.

Reusable process water and sludge thickening in one device.

The patented Lamella EWC is a combination of dewatering container and lamellar inclined clarifier. The coarse filter separates the larger solids. The lamella separator separates the fines from the water. Instead of five different units only one container, small footprint, suitable for up to 30 m3 wastewater per hour.

The compact system for water clarification and sludge drying.

Kugler now provides a new patented solution combining a lamella pack and drainage container in one unit, the lamella drainage container LAMELLA. Now it is possible to operate our dewatering containers in a continuous flow.

Advantages at a glance

• Continuous operation
• Supply or disposal of treated process water
• Low investment as well as minimal operating and maintenance costs
• small space requirement
• Compact unit: Collection, purifying, dewatering, drying, storing and transport in one container
• Low susceptibility to failure
• For up to 30 m³/h of wastewater
• Available in sizes from 3 to 40 m³
• Easy installation and start up: Only connect the inlet and outlet – done!

Functional principle of systems with EWC lamella

The EWC LAMELLA looks from outside like one of our „standard” dewatering containers (EWC): A standardized skip or roll-off container. Besides the filter basket (frame, perforated plates, filter cloth) however, inside you find a coarse filter, baffles and a pack of lamella strainers.

From the collection pit, wastewater is directly pumped to first compartment of the EWC LAMELLA. Already in this stage larger solids settle down. Then the pre-treated wastewater then passes through baffles to the lamella strainers, where a coarse filter removes remaining bigger floating particles. Due to the low flow velocity, the smallest fraction of particles settles on the lamellas and slides continuously down to the back compartment of the container and is being drained. Finally, the cleaned effluent passes an overflow and flows to a storage tank.

After stopping the wastewater flow to the container, the settled sludge is dewatered up to the state of being semi-solid. Once the container is full of dewatered sludge, our container can be taken by a corresponding truck to the waste disposal site. There the dry sludge is dumped out of the container. Then the emptied container is transported back to its location in the company and the process cycle starts again.

The EWC Lamella:

• Clarifies the wastewater,
• Collects the wet sludge,
• Dewaters the sludge until it is semi-solid,
• Stores the dewatered sludge
• Keeps the solid material during the transport to the disposal site.

Example of plants with the EWC-Lamella

The KUGLER® EWC-Lamella function

In addition to the EWC-LAMELLA, for a full process water cycle are only needed:

• Wastewater collection pit with sewage pump,
• Clean water tank or basin,
• Booster station for water recirculation, if required.

Individual solutions for your needs


• Varnished steel, painted in RAL colours
• Galvanized steel
• High-grade steel

Filter cloth:

• Synthetic material or stainless steel
• Adapted mesh size

Optional: Central filter wall

• Increase of filter surface by 34%
• Shorter filter paths

Optional: Cover

• Removable lid construction
• Sliding cover
• Canvas cover
• Canvas cover with tensioning rope

Optional: Heated containers

• Frost protection up to -25°C
• Power rating 3-9 kWh

Treatment of sludge from plastic recycling

The EWC-LAMELLA is a completely assembled compact unit for water clarification and sludge dewatering. Our container can be the core of a process water cycle for wastewater flow up to 300 litters per minute.

Photo 1: EWC-Lamella (10 m3) for clarification of process water in natural stone processing
Photo 2: EWC-Lamella for clarification and sludge dewatering of wash water at a cobblestone manufacturing
Photo 3: EWC-Lamella as roll-off container

We build and deliver exactly the KUGLER® dewatering container you need especially for your requirements. We would be happy to suggest a solution for your application. Take advantage of our decades of experience in the construction of special containers.

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