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KUGLER® Oval Plate Thickener E-OP

For mechanical thickening of primary and excess sludge we offer the oval plate thickeners (E-OP). Due to their extremely low operating costs, they offer an attractive alternative to centrifuges, belt, drum and disc thickeners.

Ovalplatteneindicker E-OP Kugler

Proven self-cleaning mechanism

The core of the E-OP is a self-cleaning filter system with rotating oval plates. Unlike disc and belt thickeners, no rinsing water is required. Due to the slow rotation, energy consumption and wear are exceptionally low.

This makes the oval plate thickener the most energy-saving technology for mechanical sludge thickening on the market and is therefore also eligible for public funding.

Generally, a thickening degree of 6-7% of dry substance (TS) is achieved. Optionally, we offer a plate that exerts additional pressure on the sludge. This allows the degree of thickening to be adjusted as required and increased up to >12% TS.

Compared to belt thickeners, the power consumption is up to 90% lower with similar polymer consumption. Since there is no need to rinse with contaminated filtrate, there is also no need for exhaust air extraction. This makes the system significantly simpler, more efficient and less subject to wear.

Ovalplatteneindicker E-OP Kugler
Ovalplatteneindicker E-OP Kugler

KUGLER® Oval Plate Thickener E-OP

Your advantages:

✓ Continuous and fully automatic sludge thickening.
✓ Completely self-cleaning (no rinsing water required)
✓ Very low power consumption
✓ No extraction necessary
✓ No circulating sieve belt or other parts that wear out quickly
✓ Safe, quiet and low-maintenance technology

Customized complete solutions from a single source

We also offer our plants as complete solutions in containers or as mobile solutions in trailers. As a container and plant manufacturer with many years of experience, we also offer completely individual concepts adapted to your needs.

We offer:

✓ complete plants as mobile solutions or container installation
✓ complete piloting package with professional support and evaluation
✓ rental systems for testing or as a temporary solution.

For more information, see our brochure and the video.

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